- E-Commerce/Social Media/E-Blast

We invent and construct platforms that are for the purpose of selling throughout the Internet. Moreover, we provide planning services, based on results of inspecting and measuring the effectiveness of market research or campaigns, with a focus in the digital media that accompanies it.

- Research

We apprehend a full understanding of the status of the client’s services or products on the market.
We offer new strategies by trying every means available such as market research, qualitative research, quantitative research, and measurements of the effectiveness of advertisement.

Video Production

TV-CF, TV-CM, Web-CM, etc.

We specialize in everything from planning and shooting, to editing in both Japan and the U.S.A.
Our promotional video making ranges extensively from 30 second commercials to 30 minute animations.

Design Production

– Paper medium (Poster, Flyer, etc.)– Advertising (Magazines, Newspapers, etc.)

We put forward designs with the artists who are partnered with our company.
This is not exclusive to the design style of the U.S.A and Japan. We also prepare designs that specifically match with the cultures or features of each country’s clients.

Web Production

– Website– HTML games

Our company features the designs of a web-designer, who combines both Japanese and American characteristics.
We also have an art director who is skilled in e-commerce and web-advertisement, who can also manage and produce websites that are excellent in both design and function.

Events business

From preliminary negotiations to actual execution, we offer event-planning services for your campaigns in the US.
As a bilingual company offering services in both English and Japanese, we fulfill the needs of customers both in the New York area, as well as in Japan.